We aim for social and economic integration in times of global paranoia leading to separatism

We observe mesmerized in 2017, starting 2018 how the leaders of the world shifted from the exuberance of economic, social and political integration that showed its climax in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty that converted the European Communities into the European Union, towards the combination of Brexit, section go Catalunya and the doctrine of "America First". 

The paradox is that while politicians carry the flag of division and hatred, technology and business are pointing in the opposite direction. The penetration of internet makes possible that nowadays, more than  2 billion people can get connected to any part of the world through the internet and social media. Technologies such as blockchain are changing the way we interact today. 

In such context is where our services find their sweet spot to deliver value to our clients: We manage the thread of transactions that business enterprises undertake in international markets. We help solve the challenges of the unknown: How to deal with the culture of the country with whom we do business, how to manage the local professionals that provide your back office support, accountants, lawyers, management, human relations, systems and services. That is exactly what we do. With a presence in the United States of America since 1997, and a legacy of over 70 more years representing international business entities in Latin America, our skills provide a unique value proposition rooted in our cross cultural capabilities.